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About Company - Server Ukraine (SERVER.UA LLC)

Placing servers in our data center in Kyiv city

Server Ukraine (Server.UA)

Our history

Our company Server Ukraine (Server.UA®) was founded in the far 2005 year. Then we have made first steps in building our own Data Center. It has been taking years and we became an experienced team. That is why we are always trying to improve the quality of service up to the world standards and get the trust for our Data Center.

We use the newest technologies to enhance the capabilities of our customers. We provide as powerful, as budget dedicated servers, convenient tools for server management and round-the-clock support.

We love our job! Therefore, every day we try to increase the level of the provided services.

Server Ukraine (Server.UA)

Our goal

Our aim is to provide qualified and reliable data center services with exceptional support, which are to be affordable for every customer. We will continue to do what we get the best!

Our team

Our office and staff

Our team consists of active, positive, creative and purposeful employees, professionals of their job. We are a team of professionals who are engaged in their favorite thing to do and get real pleasure from it! We are not afraid of difficulties and are ready to apply all our knowledge and abilities to solve any issues.

All the team every day is moving forward to our goal. We will achieve the best results as we are growing and developing. Our team loudly celebrates victories and encourages each employee to contribute to overall success.

We all are very different, but we have one common goal - to improve the quality of our services.

Our strength is in our team.

Our team

Our network map

Speed ​​and reliability

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